Tuscany Leather women's leather shoulder bags ensure the perfect combination of design and practicality, to guarantee you an impeccable look in any context! Choose to wear a leather crossbody bag that accompanies you in your daily tasks, leaving you total freedom of movement.

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Soft leather shoulder bags for women are considered one of the most practical accessories for every woman and her outfit. The female shoulder bag, unlike handbags, is a more practical and informal accessory.

Whatever life has in store, we have a shoulder bag made just for you. From the office to leisure, choose a spacious bag for everything you need. Check out key features like adjustable shoulder straps, padded laptop sleeve...

We have mastered the art of smart capacity. If you are carrying a lot of books, choose a shoulder bag with large compartments. If you carry electronics, opt for a shoulder bag with a padded laptop sleeve. For lovers of minimalism, we also offer a wide range of mini shoulder bags with maximum space for your phone, keys, wallet and everything in between.

Many of our leather shoulder bags can also be worn as handbags thanks to the detachable shoulder strap. So you will have the best of both worlds, in a few simple gestures, two styles of bags in a single accessory. Use it as a shoulder bag during the day, surprise everyone using it as a leather handbag in the evening.
Whatever challenges life has in store for you, embrace the style you love and the functionality you need.


The great value of leather shoulder bags is versatility. It is one of the few models of leather handbags that can be suitable for both formal occasions and everyday life. Women's shoulder bags are perfect for those days when you don't have time to go home. From work you have to join your friends directly for an aperitif or dinner at the restaurant.


Take on your daily activities in style and with high quality leather crossbody bags that are durable, versatile and unique to you. 
When wearing crossbody bags, the asymmetrical weight distribution must be kept in mind. Generally we recommend to not carry more than 10% of your body weight in a shoulder strap. This way you can carry your items safely, limiting the load on your neck and shoulders.

While a shoulder bag is usually worn over the shoulder for a casual style, the good news is that most of our shoulder straps are detachable or adjustable to best suit your needs. To ensure that the combination works for both day and evening, you need to choose the right model, material and color! Are you a bit confused? We help you!

Choose bags with a minimal style, even better if with a rigid structure that makes the design clean and elegant. Don't forget the capacity! These days it's important to have everything you need with you!


The material is also important! In fact, the leather has different textures and some are more suitable for this kind of day. For example, in formal occasions, full grain leather is not the best choice. On the other hand, processed leathers such as Saffiano, Smooth or Hammered are excellent both at work and at night events.


In the past everyone would have chosen a bag with a neutral color. Today the colors of the bags are the protagonists of every outfit! Blue, emerald green, fuchsia, red, lilac, light blue… In short, be creative! If you are going to a particularly elegant dinner, black bag with golden or silver details is a must.

Watch out for the shoulder strap!

Before buying the bag, also take in consideration the shoulder strap itself. Usually, crossbody bags are equipped with a shoulder strap of the same color and material as the bag itself or for jewel bags, they have a chain. Lately the straps in fabric with tribal, floral and super colored embroidery are becoming popular. The latter have a carabiner hook, so they can be purchased and combined with different bags.

All three options are beautiful, you just have to decide what works best with the rest of your closet and your style. A precious chain shoulder strap will surely add a touch of sparkle to your outfits. The fabric shoulder strap will make your style immediately casual chic. The uniform shoulder strap instead will describe you as a neat and sophisticated person, with simplicity.

Another important factor to consider is the length of the shoulder strap. Make sure you have checked the length in cm, if it is adjustable or if it is the only option included. Wearing it as a crossbody, the bag should sit snugly against your hips. With this tip, you can understand if the size is right for you.

Discover all the ways you can combine women's crossbody bags leather

Leather crossbody bags are part of that category of accessories that cannot be missing in every woman's wardrobe! They easily match most outfits and occasions. You will always make a good impression for sure!

How to best match leather crossbody bags? Start by dividing the day into Day and Night and then the occasions into casual, formal and elegant.

During the day our everyday life takes us to work, which according to your profession, can be more or less formal.

Day - casual: first grain leather comes to your aid! The classic soft genuine leather crossbody bag are perfect for informal contexts, especially if in lighter colors! Bags in textured leather are also at ease in these occasions and moreover, it allows you to play better with brighter colors.

Day - formal: more processed leathers such as Saffiano, Smooth or Hammered with a rigid structure. They are perfect for the most sophisticated looks! Pick a full grain leather in darker colors, such as black and dark brown. It will still give you that touch of timeless elegance that is much sought after today. Avoid too bright colors or too small models, you need your shoulder bag to be first of all functional!

Evening: aperitif or more informal dinner, shoulder bags remain the best choice. Medium size, rigid or semi-rigid structure, more textured leathers and with the colors you prefer! Does today's fashion tell us to play with colors? And we respond with the most original and vibrant combinations!

Evening - elegant: small bag, sophisticated colors and well matched with other accessories, preferably with the chain shoulder strap. You will need just a few items, so the size of your bag can be reduced.


Our shoulder bags for women are designed and handcrafted in Italy. For our bags we use high-quality soft-touch leather.

A long experience guides the hands of the artisans who make every single Tuscany Leather bag. A passion that can be noticed and experienced through every single seam of the accessory. Not to mention the genuine scent of real Italian leather.

The design of our bags is the result of the very long Italian fashion tradition, but also of your precious opinion!


At Tuscany Leather, we offer our customers products that are functional, stylish, and safe. The interiors of our bags are made using high quality materials, totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Our shoulder bags inside are lined with a resin-coated polyester or cotton fabric.

  • Cotton is mainly used in travel bags, as it is a material in contact with clothes and has less allergenic risks.
  • The resin-coated polyester lining is instead inserted where the interiors need characteristics that are more resistant to dirt.

Another important detail, often underestimated, are the metal components. Ours, are of high quality made with a double galvanic bath, in order to reduce the risk of oxidation. The ZIP hinges used are double sliding by the well-known Japanese brand YKK, world leader in the sector.


The interior design is aimed at making every woman shoulder bag practical for everyday life, even small shoulder bags. Our bags have many pockets that zip closed, where you can store smaller objects without losing them. We always try to insert open pockets for the objects you use most frequently such as smartphones or women's leather wallets.


Do you know that by buying a Tuscany Leather crossbody leather bag you have the possibility to customize it? Our company was the first to adopt laser technology to engrave leather. This way you can have your new soft leather shoulder bag engraved with initials, names, aphorisms or even images.