Leather laptop bag: protect your computer with style

If you are here, you're probably one of those who carry their laptop around most of the time. We have studied, designed and created briefcases and backpacks perfect for your computer. Our Leather bags do all the carrying for you and protect your devices at the same time with drop-tested, padded compartments.

Tuscany Leather business bags for laptops have been specially designed to contain and protect your computer from bumps and damage, while also offering enough space for other items, such as:

  • Chargers
  • Tablet
  • A4 document cases
  • Hard Disks
  • Books
  • Wallets and other personal effects

How to choose the right laptop bag

We know how important it is that your laptop bag is first of all functional, especially during working days where you have to carry your computer all day long. For this reason, we have designed our computer cases by combining functionality and elegance with quality in terms of resistance of raw materials.

When buying a laptop bag or laptop backpack, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. In addition to aesthetics, there are 4 essential characteristics to be carefully evaluated before proceeding with the purchase: materials, dimensions, ergonomics and pockets.

Why do you need a bag for your Computer

Not everyone know that, after buying a laptop, perhaps coveted for a long time and with all the features we were looking for, our greatest need becomes to protect it for as long as possible. One of the accessories that help in this intent are notebook bags.

These bags have been adequately designed and created to comfortably carry the laptop from one place to another, since the laptop finds its usefulness precisely in the size and weight useful for transport. There are different types of notebook bags, in this article we will examine the most popular ones.


As mentioned, there are different types of bags dedicated to the transport of laptops, which differ depending on which system they use for moving. So we can divide notebook bags into:

  • 24-hour bags: these are bags equipped with a handle on the top horizontal part, closed by zippers, velcro or bellows, most also equipped with a shoulder strap to remove when not needed. They're usually in full grain leather;
  • backpacks: equipped with padded notebook compartment and shoulder straps for carrying it totally hands free;
  • cases: light and adherent to the laptop, to carry it by hand, equipped with a handle or to be carried under an arm, or to further protect it inside the bag;
  • Shoulder bags: the perfect computer bah for women that love to have everything they need at their fingertips. Some have detachable shoulder straps, in order to wear it as a crossbody bag;
  • trolley: the transport system is distinguished by the presence of wheels and a removable handle to tow the laptop, usually used for larger laptops.

The most resistant material for your laptop bag

It is essential that the materials are of excellent quality. The laptop bag was created with the aim of protecting a very delicate object, so it must protect it from water drops and be impact resistant. Leather is certainly the most resistant material that exists. Once you have purchased a leather computer bag, you can be sure that it will accompany you for many years without fear of daily use. Furthermore, all our products are hand-packaged and finished down to the smallest detail, following the ancient traditions of Tuscan tanning.

Bring everything you need with you!

There are so many models that are perfect for different PC sizes. Consider that you will not only take your computer with you, you will surely have other items you need for your days away from home.

You should take into consideration your additional activities. A PC bag can do more than hold a laptop so consider any secondary activities you would like to use your it for. For example, carrying other working devices, going to the gym after or before work, Short-term travel...

  • A larger size: will give you more capacity and space to work with, allowing you to use it for short trips, groceries, beach excursions, etc. Of course, the downside to a larger laptop bag is that it will be more heavy to carry for everyday life.
  • A separate laptop compartment: If there’s a specific, usually padded, compartment for your laptop, you can use the remaining compartments and space for other stuff.

How do you get to work or school? 

It’s worth spending time figuring out the challenges of your commute and how your bag will meet your needs. Public transportations, subway, walking, driving...  Also consider that different laptop bags work better or worse for different work environments. 
For example, if you mainly use the motorbike or bicycle, you will find a laptop backpack or a computer briefcase that converts into a backpack more comfortable. If you drive, you may want a briefcase for convenience and accessibility, instead. You can easily grab something, which isn’t necessarily true with a backpack. 

Designed for your well-being

You will have to carry this accessory every day, full of the objects you need most, so it is important that it is comfortable and doesn't give you back pain. Tuscany Leather cares about your well-being and has designed ergonomic leather backpacks and laptop bag. The laptop bags have a padded handle and an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry them both over the shoulder and crossbody according to the need of the moment. Our laptop backpacks are designed to balance the weight of the contents well between the back and shoulders.

Keep everything tidy with your laptop bag pockets

Two aspects are important when evaluating the interior of laptop bag and its pockets:
- quantity: that to contain the PC must not be the only one! You will carry many other large and small items with you and it is important to have adequate space to keep them tidy.
- safety: the pocket that contains the computer must be well padded and must have a top closure to keep it locked inside. The other pockets must also be safe, they must hold other objects firmly.