The leather doctor bag. A classy accent that accompanies doctors during their visits. The Tuscany Leather doctors medical bag is a solid but discrete presence with a charming vintage look. Every bag is made of 100% Full Grain Leather.

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How to choose the right bag for a doctor

The doctor's bag is an indispensable item for doctors.
In fact, for them, it is much more than just an accessory: it is a reliable companion in everyday working life.

For this reason, our medical bags are created with genuine full-grain leather, a resistant but soft material, which allows you to contain all the tools needed to deal with any emergency. This material is also one of the most resistant. It does not fear the signs of time, on the contrary signs make it more beautiful and personalized. It must have a comfortable opening that allows you to have all the contents in sight. In this case, the classic leather Gladstone bag is the best and most popular choice.

Professional bags for doctors 

This model of bag is an indispensable tool for medical visits. It has to contain medicines and equipment for the diagnosis of patients. Compared to the past, today doctors must always bring digital tools, even a smartphone or tablet. Everything that can be used for first aid should never be missing.

Leather is the most suitable material for this type of professional bag. First of all for its resistance, it allows daily use without getting damaged. Choosing a leather material over a technical fabric ensures high standards. It is the most used material for the doctor's bag, certainly thanks to its high quality and elegance. Indeed in this work even the eye wants its part and a well-groomed doctor with a sophisticated leather bag makes a better impression.

How to combine a doctor's bag

What many do not know is that the use of this bag is not limited only to doctors. In recent years it has become part of high fashion collections, fashion shows and more and more artists and famous people use them in their everyday life.

Indeed, the doctor's bag is nothing more than a very spacious bag that can easily take the place of a shopper bag, a business briefcase or even a small travel bag. When you decide to use it in contexts other than work, it can be easily combined with casual - casual chic outfits.

It will immediately give you that unexpected touch that will leave everyone speechless.

Even if you wear doctor coats, it doesn't mean you have to put your style aside! Indeed, a new professional leather bag will help you give a little color to your everyday outfits. For this reason we have decided to create our bags in many different colors.

Leather doctor bags: an old tradition

Leather medical bags are considered an important accessory for doctors and nurses all over the world. The structure of the doctor's bags has remained unchanged during the time. The only thing that has changed is the organization of the interior spaces to ensure that doctors and nurses can find in their bag all the space necessary for the new equipment.

Our doctor's bags were the starting point of our history as they are among the first products the company has put on the market online since 2004.


Our doctor bags are designed and made entirely in Italy. For our bags selected Italian quality leather from the best cuts. The design of one of our leather doctors medical bags is the result of tradition in the Italian leather goods sector. We also produce gladstone doctor bags, inspired by the old men of the legendary bag used by Sir Gladstone in the 19th century and which has now become a cult object.


The Tuscany Leather Doctor's Bag can be an excellent graduation gift for future doctors. As we have already anticipated, it is an indispensable accessory for every doctor and ours are functional, easy to handle, elegant and resistant. They are also excellent for specialists or for primary care who run through the corridors of hospitals. Our leather doctor bags are also customizable! An excellent gift that can accompany the doctor throughout his career.


In Tuscany Leather we were the first to adopt laser technology to engrave on leather. In this way it is possible to personalize each of our doctor's bags, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way it is possible to make our doctor's bags unique. What better gift than a personalized doctor's bag? Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.


Our creations are not limited only to bags for doctor, but also the whole long tradition of Tuscan leather goods. In the Tuscany Leather world there are also wonderful leather handbags, the brand new leather backpacks, the traditional leather travel bags and also many leather office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our business bags and elegant briefcases.