Italian Leather Backpacks will allow you to fully express your style. This classic of leather goods has been redesigned over the years to meet your needs for functionality and comfort. Tuscany Leather offers you a selection of classic, vintage inspired leather backpack or more contemporary styles.

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Discover the models of leather backpacks

The backpack is an accessory that make moving around easier, leaving your hands free. Leather backpacks are the best choice for all those who can't stand having their hands full. Whether in the city, on the road, at the university, at work or in your free time.

The perfect leather backpack should first of all be practical, functional and obviously comfortable.

The models of leather backpacks differ according to the context in which they are used:

  • mens leather backpacks: they have a more square shape compared to women ones. Their colors are generally classic such as natural leather color, black, blue, dark green or beige.
  • leather backpacks for free time: they have a small size and a wide choice of colors. In this category you can also find single-shoulder backpacks, perfect for those who carry only the necessary.
  • travel backpacks: as you can imagine they are large backpacks, with different compartments to organize everything you need during your travels.
  • leather backpacks for work: they have a similar size to travel bags, because they must accompany you on your working days. The leather makes them elegant and perfect even for the most formal contexts. They usually have the laptop sleeve.

The perfect leather backpack for your needs

Our leather backpacks are designed and made entirely in Italy. Tuscany Leather has carefully studied the design of the backpacks rucksacks and the needs of its customers.

Thanks to this attention to detail, we have created models of backpacks that are fashionable and very comfortable for everyday wear. The two leather shoulder straps distribute the weight of the backpack over the shoulders and back.

Another fundamental element that you need to consider when buying a leather backpack is the closure.

The best leather rucksacks closures

Some backpacks have a button closure, while the Tuscany Leather men backpacks have a zip closure. The ZIP hinges used are double sliding hinges of the well-known Japanese brand YKK, world leader in the sector.

Comfort and elegance of leather backpacks for men

Backpacks are usually produced in a wide variety of fabrics and materials such as nylon, polyester, polyamide, cotton. Leather is the most versatile and resistant material in the market. In fact, leather backpacks are elegant, classic and practical at the same time.

Resistance is the main prerogative of leather backpacks for men. These owe their original shape and do not fear the signs of aging. Leather is the only material that the more you use, the more beautiful it becomes.

Regarding colors, black is undoubtedly a timeless classic that combines perfectly with any outfit and can be worn in different circumstances. However, there are other very trendy colors for the leather backpack. Gray, blue or green are very fashionable recently.


Backpacks are a great classic of Tuscan leather goods. They are made with very resistant materials that make them long lasting. The leather backpack is the ideal companion for leisure time and is made of genuine Italian leather.

The men's work backpack can also be useful as an alternative accessory to the classic briefcase. It can contain documents, computers, accessories for your business.

A sustainable choice for the enviroment

All our men's and women's backpacks are made of genuine Italian leather. We use high quality materials that meet the strictest guidelines in terms of sustainability. We are proud to give a second life to food industry waste. Not everyone knows it but we apply the circular economy every day.

Since ancient times, leather has therefore been an example of the recovery of a product that would otherwise be wasted. Therefore, the art of tanning can be considered one of the first examples of circular economy in human history.

Even during the leather tanning phases, low environmental impact materials are used, such as vegetable tannins. The result is a product that over the years enhances its value.

To create our backpacks we use different types of leather processing. Discover the main ones below:

  • Full grain leather: it is the most precious and resistant layer of cowhide leather. It is the surface part of the skin, which is why it maintains the natural properties of the animal's grain. Backpacks created with this type of leather give character to any outfit.
  • Saffiano: processing created by a well-known luxury brand. The calfskin is hot stamped with a scratched texture. It is also water resistant.
  • Hammered or dollar leather: is hot stamped with an irregular texture. It has a soft surface to the touch but it is also very resistant. The backpacks with this processing are available in many different colors.

Well designed interiors in terms of capacity and functionality

The interiors of our leather backpacks are made using high quality, totally non-toxic materials.

Our covers are made of resin-coated polyester fabric or cotton fabric. Cotton is mainly used in travel bags, as it is a material in contact with clothes and has less allergenic risks. On the other hand, resin-coated polyester is used where interiors need characteristics that are more resistant to dirt and wear.

We also use high quality metal accessories made with a double galvanic bath, in order to reduce the risk of oxidation. 

The interior design is aimed at making each of our products respond to daily needs. Inside our bags there are always many pockets closed by ZIP, both internal and external. We also always try to make various internal housings for everyday objects such as smartphones. Even in terms of internal compartments, we always try to create many separate spaces that make organizing our content much easier.

Leather backpacks 100% made in Italy

Our leather backpacks are designed and made entirely in Italy. Tuscany Leather has carefully studied the design of the backpacks and the needs of its customers. Thanks to this attention to detail, we have created models of backpacks that are fashionable and very comfortable for everyday wear.

In Tuscany Leather our best stylists are our customers! In fact, every time we deliver one of our products, we always ask, after some time, what improvements they would bring.

This information is collected and processed by our style department. Your feedback become an inspiration to improve our products or to design new ones.

Would you like to have a very unique leather backpack?

Tuscany Leather was the first company in using laser technology to engrave on leather. You can personalize the women's leather backpack, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way you can make your backpack leather unique. Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.


If there is one thing that cannot be missing from any man's accessories, it is certainly the genuine leather backpack. There are different types of backpacks: sports, school, work, vintage backpacks. Tuscany Leather has designed and created several models of men's leather backpacks. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of anyone looking for the perfect backpack for their needs.


Work backpacks ideal for carrying everything you need for the office, from computers to folders to documents. Small backpacks for every day, elegant and practical.

Another important aspect of these models is the internal structure. You will probably need to take your PC with you and you will need a special pocket. Our work backpacks are equipped with a padded compartment for the computer and other useful pockets for storing other items.


The backpack is as part of the traveler nature as the writer's pen.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you know how important it is to choose the right backpack for your adventures. Particularly when long journeys are made on foot or by means of transport. Tuscany Leather travel backpacks are perfect to be used for both traveling and hiking on weekends.

Here are some basic aspects of a travel backpack.

  • Durability: in terms of durability, leather is a material that does not disappoint. As already mentioned, leather accessories accompany you throughout your life without fearing the signs of aging.
  • Water resistance: avoid finding yourself with the contents of the backpack completely soaked. Resistance to water or splashes does not mean that the backpack is completely waterproof. But at least it will allow you not to worry about a drizzle.
  • Padded shoulder straps: help carry the backpack without making us feel the weight on the shoulders.


Lately the market has been moving towards a new awareness. People to prefer buying quality products that can last over time. In fashion this coincides more and more with the purchase of accessories made by hand in genuine leather.

Genuine leather is the strongest material for backpacks. You can use it every day and in any case it will never wear out completely.

What many do not know is that leather needs to be treated in order to be preserved at its best.

By taking care of your new backpack, you will ensure that it will last for a long time.

It is not difficult to clean and moisturize the leather of the backpacks. It takes very little time, just follow these simple steps:

  • Clean the women's leather wallet
  • Apply a dab of leather cream to a clean cotton cloth and massage the leather
  • Wait 15 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed
  • Rub vigorously with a clean cotton cloth to polish the leather and revive the color
  • Repeat these steps once a month