• Лилич Н. (Нижний Новгород, Russian Federation) 11/15/18  

    Качество отличное. Быстрая доставка.

  • Игорь Ш. (Владивосток, Russian Federation) 11/14/18  

    The best quality !!!быстрая доставка!!

  • Ekaterina P. (Sankt Peterburg, Russian Federation) 10/28/18  

    Great bags. Quality is on top. I love and order not the first time.

  • Alexandra I. (Magadan , Russian Federation) 10/13/18  

    Все на высшем уровне. Спасибо

  • Inga I. (Ozolnieku Novads, Latvia) 9/16/18  

    Very much like your product!

  • Yuliya L. (Kramfors, Sweden) 8/30/18  

    I am very satisfied with my bag! It vill be my favorit! As well as with quick delivery! Best regards!

  • Maria Y. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 8/25/18  

    Grate service with fast delivery

  • Elena S. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 8/24/18  

    High quality bags, fast delivery to Russia (about 10 days). Sure will order more)))

  • Valentina M. (Tallinn, Estonia) 8/20/18  

    Great quality

  • Valentina M. (Tallinn, Estonia) 8/20/18  

    Очень качественные товары, я довольна на 100%

  • Vladimir D. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 8/15/18  

    Customer support was really mindful and helpful . I'm thankful to a friend of mine for suggesting you to me and I, no doubt, suggest you if find it opportune.

  • Cesare T. ( Solbiate Arno (va, Italy) 8/5/18  

    Great bag! Excellent quality.

  • Rytchagova I. (Minsk, Belarus) 7/24/18  


  • Sergey F. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 7/12/18  

    Всё хорощо. Отличное качество. Очень быстрая доставка - за неделю до Москвы. И в Москве, как обычно, проблемы с EMS - под любыми предлогами доставку до квартиры не осуществляют.

  • Natalia sergeevna D. (Belgorod, Russian Federation) 7/8/18  

    I would reccommend you to my friends

  • Константин К. (Саратов, Russian Federation) 7/8/18  

  • Vladimir L. (Severodvinsk, Russian Federation) 7/5/18  


  • Igor O. (Казань, Russian Federation) 6/30/18  

    Здравствуйте! Покупкой остался очень доволен. Качество,как всегда,на высоте. Так держать,молодцы!!!

  • Tatiana F. (Odessa, Ukraine) 6/24/18  

    Bellissima borsa, pelle morbidissima, capiente e comoda!

  • Sergey L. (Penza, Russian Federation) 6/17/18  

    Отличное качество!

  • Асель Ш. (Алматы, Kazakhstan) 6/17/18  

    A bag is very comfortable, nice. Its capacity is bigger than I imagined. I was surprised how quickly i got it. Thank you!

  • Nataliia S. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 6/16/18  

    Your bags are very good quality. Thank you for the pleasure we have in communicating with your product.

  • Alexander anatolyevich S. (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) 6/1/18  

    Быстрая и чёткая покупка.

  • Georgi T. (Tallinn, Estonia) 5/27/18  

    Quite quickly and understandably, and most importantly - positive result.I will set an example for my colleagues.

  • Irina K. (Saint-petersburg, Russian Federation) 5/24/18  

    Very pleased with the purchase of bags and cases for glasses. Fast delivery. Excellent quality produc