• Alina S. (Dnipro, Ukraine) 1/19/20  

    Сумка великолепная!

  • Elena K. (Astrakhan, Russian Federation) 1/11/20  

    Premium quality and Italian design is the secret of success of TL's products. It is impossible to stop buying

  • Nikolay B. (Kotelniki, Russian Federation) 1/11/20  

    I really liked your bag!

  • Aleksandra N. (Narva, Estonia) 12/27/19  

    fantastic quality

  • Alina S. (Dnipro, Ukraine) 12/26/19  

    покупка прошла оперативно, сумкой очень довольна

  • Козуб Л. (Mariupol, Ukraine) 12/7/19  

    Good quality

  • Oksana K. (Riga, Latvia) 12/5/19  

    Superb products! Awesome quality! Fashionable not only today, but also for the future! I already bought three bags and a backpack - the envy of others :)! Happy with them! Great service! Thank you so much! I wish you success in business!

  • Evgeny K. (Rybinsk, Russian Federation) 11/25/19  

    The order was completed on time. I liked the bag very much (high quality).

  • Марина М. (Армавир, Russian Federation) 10/30/19  

    Добрый день! Хочу выразить Вам благодарность за быструю и качественную работу по доставке и качество Вашего товара! Как всегда - Ваша фирма на высоте! Я очень всем довольна и всегда рекомендую Вашу продукцию своим друзьям и знакомым! Спасибо Вам!

  • Larysa P. (Ontinyent, Spain) 10/3/19  

    Замечательный тавар. Покупаю второй раз в подарок. Я пользуюсь кошельком уже 3 года и очень довольна. Большое спасибо за качество и отдельное спасибо за быструю доставку.

  • Oksana K. (Riga, Latvia) 9/14/19  

    Prodotti di grande qualità! Consegna veloce.

  • Alla D. (Baden-baden, Germany) 9/3/19  

    Замечательный дизайн и качество. Очень порадовала цветовая палитра.

  • Oksana K. (Riga, Latvia) 8/30/19  

    Everything is great! Products of great quality! Fast sending orders. It is very nice that there are good discounts :)!

  • Serhii K. (Kyiv, Ukraine) 8/19/19  

    Purchasing process is very simple, excellent customer support: order confirmation, notification about the shipment, everything is in time.

  • Elena E. (Krasnodar, Russian Federation) 8/19/19  

    Прекрасное качество

  • Yuliya G. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 8/19/19  

    Love your bags! Buy for the fourth time. Together with me buy my sister and girlfriend. The buying process is simple and convenient. The customer service is good. There was a problem with delivery in Russia, customer service quickly and clearly answered my question and confirmed the fact of sending. Thank you for good service and quality goods.

  • Лариса К. (Александров, Russian Federation) 8/19/19  

    You are the best

  • Лилич Н. (Нижний Новгород, Russian Federation) 8/17/19  

    Качество превосходное!

  • Mykola K. (Lomazzo, Italy) 8/16/19  

    Спасибо большое. Мне понравилась сумка! Качество хорошее, доставили очень быстро!

  • Oksana K. (Riga, Latvia) 8/9/19  

    Products of great quality! Fashionable, beautiful. Adequate price. Fast shipping. Wonderful contact with the seller. I am very pleased! Thank! I wish you a good business!

  • Aleksandra N. (Narva, Estonia) 8/5/19  

    The bag quality is perfect and it's inside details suits me fine. It's very important because I will use this bag for every day and need many compartments for many small things. I looked for a big red stylish bag for a long time. All variants were quite pure inside.

  • Alena T. (Almaty, Kazakhstan) 7/25/19  

    Все отлично

  • Alexander V. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 7/19/19  

    Очень хорошо!

  • Valentin K. (Stavropol, Russian Federation) 6/24/19  


  • Igor R. (Poykovskiy, Russian Federation) 6/20/19  

    Thank you very much for the order. This product came within a week. Products are very high quality.