The Italian leather briefcase, made in Tuscany 

The leather briefcase is one of the most timeless business bags. You will surely have seen it combined with formal clothes, as it is mainly used in work environments. Since 2021, the leather briefcase has returned with fury on all the fashion shows.
In the last 20 years it had become a purely masculine accessory. Today is a must have for all business men and women.

Leather briefcases accompany us in all our working days, for this reason it is essential that in addition to being professional, they represent us at best.

How to choose the perfect leather briefcase for your needs

It's important to choose the right leather briefcase because it is an accessory that can represent our personal style and make a difference in every outfit.
We are strongly convinced that leather is the material to be preferred (and not only because we are a leather manufacturer company): it is the luxury material par excellence, it immediately expresses elegance, seriousness and reliability as well as being the most resistant to the signs of time.
The leather briefcases is in fact enhanced with use: the natural aging of the skin makes it lived-in and more comfortable.

The structure of the leather briefcase 

Another important element to take into consideration when choosing the perfect leather briefcase is its structure. The rigid leather briefcase for men is generally recommended for those who dress daily in a jacket and tie or suit. Their distinctive appearance allows them to always maintain their original form, whether empty or full. It has a neat appearance, as it generally has no visible pockets but its rigidity does not allow you to carry more than necessary with you.

Soft leather briefcases, on the other hand, are more comfortable and allow a greater capacity compared to rigid ones. Sometimes they have external front or rear pockets which make them even more functional for taking items with ease such as wallets, cards or phones. Inside they generally have many pockets to keep all the contents tidy, and padded compartments to protect laptops from possible bumps.

How to combine leather briefcases

When it comes to work, image is an element that many underestimate. Our appearance is the first thing a person notices before even talking, which is why it is important that they communicate the right message. Proper clothing must always represent professionalism and care, and at the same time trust. Depending on the use, the choices are many, you shouldn't limit yourself exclusively to a jacket and tie.

If the environment permits, even casual chic clothing can be combined with a leather briefcase. In this case, homogeneous and neutral colors will suit you. They don't have to be blue or black, with less formal attire even a tan color can complete the right outfit.

Leather briefcase for women 

For women, the rules aren't much different. In this case, leather briefcase for women will have more feminine features, the choice of colors will be decidedly wider, from classic leather, blue or black to more daring colors such as red. Here are all the tips on how to match a women’s briefcase:

  • combined with a suit it is better to choose a leather briefcase for women, with a dark or neutral color such as beige;
  • for the more daring, red is definitely the perfect choice, be careful to match it well with the colors of the clothes.

As for men, a casual chic look matches very well with women's briefcase with a softer structure, and allows you to be more daring with colors and combinations.

How to take care of your leather briefcase for men

Leather is the strongest and most elegant material for business bags. We anticipated that time and use would enhance this precious material but at the same time, to ensure that it remains in perfect condition, you will need to take care of it. 

It is not difficult to take care of your leather briefcase for men, in fact it will be enough to periodically repeat a few simple steps. To keep the skin hydrated and clean, apply a nourishing and gentle cream for leather once a month. To do this optimally, follow these steps:
- Dust off the product
- Apply a dab of cream on a clean cotton cloth and massage the leather
- Wait 15 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed
- Rub vigorously with a clean cotton cloth to polish the leather and revive the color

Another trick to take care of your leather business bag is to protect it from water using a waterproofing spray for leather.

Leather briefcases: our greatest tradition

The leather briefcases of Tuscany Leather come from a centuries-old tradition of Tuscan leather goods in the production of briefcases and business bags recognized all over the world. The leather briefcase is made following the traditional style that distinguishes it, but also the new needs that our customers have in terms of usability. The only thing that changes is the organization of the internal spaces to ensure that our customers can find all the necessary space in their business bag and better organize their work.

Our company today offers a wide selection of leather briefcase for men and leather briefcase for women made of genuine Italian leather.

Leather briefcases and office bags: our Made in Italy

Our leather briefcases and business bags are designed and made entirely in Italy. For our business bags we use high quality Italian leather selected from the best cuts. The design of one of our leather briefcases is the result of tradition in the Italian leather goods sector. We also produce messenger-model leather bags, reminiscent of the old leather satchels supplied to postmen and which have now become cult objects.

Not only brown leather briefcases

Tuscany Leather offers office bags in leather not only in brown. To enhance the sobriety we offer black leather briefcases, otherwise, to get out of the ordinary, our business bags also become red or honey.

Discover all our leather creations

Our production is not limited only to leather business bags, but also covers the entire long tradition of Tuscan leather goods. In the Tuscany Leather world there are also wonderful leather handbags, the brand new leather backpacks, the traditional leather travel bags and also many leather office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our leather doctor bags and elegant leather briefcases.  

And for those looking for an extra touch of exclusivity?

In Tuscany Leather we were the first to adopt laser technology to engrave into leather. In this way it is possible to personalize each of our leather workbooks, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. This way you can make your leather briefcase unique. What better gift than a custom leather business bag? Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.