Italian Leather Backpacks for woman. Backpack lovers can enjoy the Tuscany Leather selection of modern styles for her.

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Women's leather backpack: the latest trend in female fashion

For some years now, women's leather backpacks have become the natural evolution of the women's bag, as they combine the practicality of men's leather backpacks and the elegance of a women's leather bag. Some leather backpacks are also convertible into a bag, with a system of straps that become a comfortable shoulder strap, transforming the leather  backpack for women into a leather backpack purse if necessary.
The backpack today has become an indispensable accessory in everyday life. You can observe them in everyday life and on many occasions.

Enjoy the world hands-free with leather backpack purse

An accessory that has had an incredible leap in quality over the years is undoubtedly the leather backpack purse. Once upon a time women's leather backpacks were used purely in school or sports, at most for travel. Their use was definitively limited, like the tip of the iceberg. Today, in fact, leather backpacks are the undisputed protagonists of sophisticated outfits and fashion shows.

Backpack is the new fashion bag!

Of course, part of the credit goes to their practicality. In fact, leather backpacks for women are extremely functional, they let you fully enjoy every single experience without having objects in your hands or, for the most careless, leaving your bag around. They perfectly meet the needs of those who have a busy life but still do not want to give up being fashionable.

Women's leather backpack tips and tricks 

How can you wear it without looking like a middle school student? Here are all our tips.
First of all, the size. To wear the women's backpack as a fashion accessory, it doesn't need to be huge! It must be medium-small or even a mini leather backpack. The combinations that can be done with women's backpacks are innumerable, just be creative and don't be afraid to wear it even on garments that we consider more elegant.

How to best combine a leather backpack for women

For a casual daytime style, the soft leather backpack for women is the right choice! Choose the color you prefer and that goes best with all your outfits. Wearing it, you will immediately have a jaunty touch when combined with T Shirts, midi skirts or jeans and sneakers. If, on the other hand, you combine it with more formal shirts, jeans and shoes you will get a casual-chic and refined style.

  • Do you need something more formal? A backpack to combine with a suit jacket and trousers, perhaps. The colors to be used decrease and linger on neutral tones or black. Wear it on your arm like a bag or just on your shoulder.
  • Aperitif or dinner out? No problem. What many don't know is that women's backpacks go perfectly with even the most elegant clothes. Try wearing a short or midi dress, a pair of heels and your women's leather backpack.

Attention, as for the bag, also for women's leather backpacks there is an unwritten rule that the more you go on in the day, the more the backpack shrinks. For this reason, in the evening it’s better to use a mini leather backpack for a neat and trendy look.

The high quality of italian leather backpack for women 

All our italian leather backpack for women are made of genuine Italian leather, using high quality materials that meet the strictest guidelines in terms of sustainability. In fact, not everyone knows that the product made by the tanning industry, that is the real leather, comes from the waste of the food industry being a by-product of the skin of animals destined for slaughter. Since ancient times, leather has therefore been an example of recovery and enhancement of a product that otherwise should be disposed of with a consequent environmental impact.
Therefore, the art of tanning can be considered one of the first examples of circular economy in human history.
Even during the leather tanning phases, low environmental impact materials are used, such as vegetable tannins that contribute to making the tanned leather, that is a product that enhances its characteristics over the years.

Discover tuscan leather backpacks for women

Our leather backpacks and backpacks are designed and made entirely in Italy. The design of the backpack starts from the evolution of the traditional men's backpack, but we in Tuscany Leather have made it more elegant and fashionable. In Tuscany Leather we also have a peculiarity: our best stylist is our customer! In fact, every time we deliver one of our products, we always ask, after some time, what improvements it would bring. This information is collected and processed by our style department, which is mainly composed of young people, and is often a source of inspiration to improve our products or to design new ones.

Interiors of Tuscany Leather womens leather backpack

The interiors of our leather backpacks are made using high quality, totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials. Our covers are made of resin-coated polyester fabric or cotton fabric. Cotton is mainly used in travel bags, as it is a material in contact with clothes and has less allergenic risks.

On the other hand, resin-coated polyester is used where interiors need characteristics that are more resistant to dirt and wear. We also use high quality metal accessories made with a double galvanic bath, in order to reduce the risk of oxidation. The ZIP hinges used are double sliding hinges of the well-known Japanese brand YKK, world leader in the sector.

Not only womens leather backpack 

Our creations are not limited only to womens leather backpacks, but also cover the entire long tradition of Tuscan leather goods. In the world of Tuscany Leather there are also a wide range of wonderful leather handbags, leather shoulder bags, traditional leather travel bags and also many leather office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our leather briefcases and doctor bags.

Make your leather backpack purse unique! 

Tuscany Leather was the first italian company to adopt laser technology to engrave on leather. In this way it is possible to personalize the women's leather backpack, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way you can make your leather backpack unique. What better gift than a personalized leather backpack? Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.