The perfect complement to your Tuscany Leather leather bags, a classic and modern leather wallet that meets all tastes.

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Leather wallet for women: more than just an accessory 

Do not underestimate the choice of the right leather wallet for women. It is not just an accessory, the wallet contains important parts of our daily life, for the most romantic ones it will also be full of cards and memories. It is for this reason that it is important that it has the right spaces to keep everything organized. In addition, this accessory is what most represents us, even more than a bag. The choice is a real commitment for some women, because it’s not always easy to find the perfect womens leather wallets that combine functionality and fashion. The very important factors to consider before buying your new leather wallet for women are: size and practicality, material and closure.

The right size of your new leather wallet for women 

Women tend to use bags, often very capacious, so it will be easier for them to consider even large leather wallets for women. In particular if the content to be kept is multiple such as banknotes, credit cards, fidelity cards, coins, tickets, receipts, documents and so on. The fashion of the moment provides for maxi wallets, ideal for containing all the essentials and even the superfluous, but it does not necessarily correspond to your priorities. If you have a minimal style and are used to inserting only the minimum necessary, a small women's wallet will be more than enough!
You will also be sure that the small womens leather wallets will fit into all bags, even the mini ones.

The right material for the women's wallet

The women's wallet can be made of many different materials, the most functional par excellence is leather. Leather is the ideal material for this type of accessory. The wallet is typically an accessory that people change after many years of use, usually when it begins to deteriorate. Leather wallets will never deteriorate like eco-leather or other fabrics. One day, when you change it, it will be only because you have decided you want a new one that is more in trend. There are different types of leather that are used to pack the leather wallet for women:

  • Full-grain leather: this is the finest and most classic type of leather. Choosing a wallet made with this leather is a sure shot, it will never go out of style. It is elegant and suitable for both younger and more mature women. Moreover, if you take care of the skin periodically, it is an accessory that will last forever.
  • Textured leather: it is leather with an irregular texture, it is more tolerant to signs of use and easier to clean. There are many models of women's wallet in textured imitation leather, but the real one is a whole other story. Those in faux leather will soon begin to show the first signs of deterioration, with chipping at the corners or the coating starting to flake. Genuine leather will never give this effect, it is much more likely that the fabric interior will be damaged. The textured leather is also more youthful and casual, with a very wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Smooth leather: it is the skin with a smooth and homogeneous texture. It looks more elegant than textured leather and is super easy to clean in case of small stains. The smooth leather women's wallet is available in many different colors! You don't necessarily have to combine the leather wallet for women with the bag, as a rule it is a good rule of thumb but in recent years fashion has given way to contrasts! In short, give space to your imagination!

The perfect closure for your needs womens leather wallets

Womens leather wallets are accessories in which we keep the most important things such as money and documents, for this reason it is important that it has a solid closure.
Tuscany Leather is well aware of the need to have a secure wallet and for this reason it uses two types of closures in particular:

  • Zipper or zip closure, which is the safest ever. Once closed, it is really impossible to lose the content. For this reason it is the most suitable for those who often change their bag or for those who use it a lot.
  • Snap button closure is generally used for book wallets. It is as safe as the hinged one, but it is more likely that you can casually not close it properly. It needs more attention but the final effect is an elegant and classic leather wallets for women. It is used for many models, including the small women's wallet.