The leather doctor bag. A classy accent that accompanies doctors during their visits. The Tuscany Leather doctor bag is a solid but discrete presence with a charming vintage look. Our doctor bags are maded of 100% Full Grain Leather. Choose our quality.

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How to choose the right doctor bag

For a doctor, the bag is much more than just an accessory, it is a reliable companion for their profession. Inside it, every doctor must have different tools and medicines useful to solve a wide range of emergencies.

For this reason, the right doctors bag must be of a resistant and slightly elastic material, in order to properly arrange the instruments. It must have a comfortable opening that allows you to have all the contents in view. In this case, the classic leather doctor bag with Gladstone opening is the best and most popular choice.

Leather doctors bag 100% Made in Italy 

Leather is the most suitable material for this kind of professional bag. First of all for its resistance, it allows daily use without fear of the signs of aging. It is the most used material for the doctor's bag, certainly thanks to its high quality and elegance. In fact, in this work, even the eye wants the part of him and a well-groomed doctor with a sophisticated leather bag certainly looks like him.

How to match the doctors bags

Leather medical bags are not only for doctors. In recent years it has become part of high fashion collections, fashion shows and more and more artists and famous people use them in everyday life.

Indeed, the doctor bag is nothing more than a very spacious bag that can easily take the place of a shopper bag, a business briefcase or even a small travel bag. When you decide to use it in contexts other than work, it can be easily combined with casual chic outfits.

It will immediately give you that unexpected touch that will leave everyone speechless.

The high quality of italian leather 

All our products are made of genuine Italian leather, using high quality materials that meet the strictest guidelines in terms of sustainability. In fact, not everyone knows that the product made by the tanning industry, comes from the waste of the food industry being a by-product of the skin of animals destined for slaughter. Since ancient times, leather has therefore been an example of recovery and enhancement of a product that otherwise should be disposed of with a consequent environmental impact.
Therefore, the art of tanning can be considered one of the first examples of circular economy in human history.

The leather we use in the production of our doctor bags is the full grain vegetable tanned and hand buffered leather.

This leather is distinguished by its appearance which reveals the natural characteristics of the leather surface and which gives the material a completely natural appearance. This kind of leather is coloured by hand buffering, for this reason it has different shades of color that make the finished product unique in its kind.

Leather doctor bags for doctors and nurses: our Made in Italy

Our leather doctor bags are designed and made entirely in Italy. For our doctor bags we use high quality Italian leather selected from the best cuts. The design of one of our leather doctor bags is the result of tradition in the Italian leather goods sector. We also produce gladstone doctor bags, inspired by the old designs of the legendary bag used by Sir Gladstone in the 19th century and which has now become a cult object.

Doctor bags: not only in brown

Tuscany Leather offers medical bags in leather not only in brown. To enhance the sobriety we offer doctor bags in black leather, otherwise, to get out of the ordinary, our doctor bags also become red or honey.

In addition to the doctor bags? Discover our other creations

In the Tuscany Leather world there are also wonderful leather handbags, leather backpacks, the traditional leather travel bags and also many leather office accessories. We are also famous for making business items, such as our leather briefcases and elegant leather document cases.

Make your doctor bag unique

Tuscany Leather was the first company in using laser technology to engrave on leather. In this way it is possible to personalize each of our leather doctor bags, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way it is possible to make our leather doctor bags unique. Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.