• Rytchagova I. (Minsk, Belarus) 7/24/18  


  • Sergey F. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 7/12/18  

    Всё хорощо. Отличное качество. Очень быстрая доставка - за неделю до Москвы. И в Москве, как обычно, проблемы с EMS - под любыми предлогами доставку до квартиры не осуществляют.

  • Natalia sergeevna D. (Belgorod, Russian Federation) 7/8/18  

    I would reccommend you to my friends

  • Константин К. (Саратов, Russian Federation) 7/8/18  

  • Vladimir L. (Severodvinsk, Russian Federation) 7/5/18  


  • Igor O. (Казань, Russian Federation) 6/30/18  

    Здравствуйте! Покупкой остался очень доволен. Качество,как всегда,на высоте. Так держать,молодцы!!!

  • Tatiana F. (Odessa, Ukraine) 6/24/18  

    Bellissima borsa, pelle morbidissima, capiente e comoda!

  • Sergey L. (Penza, Russian Federation) 6/17/18  

    Отличное качество!

  • Асель Ш. (Алматы, Kazakhstan) 6/17/18  

    A bag is very comfortable, nice. Its capacity is bigger than I imagined. I was surprised how quickly i got it. Thank you!

  • Nataliia S. (Moscow, Russian Federation) 6/16/18  

    Your bags are very good quality. Thank you for the pleasure we have in communicating with your product.

  • Alexander anatolyevich S. (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) 6/1/18  

    Быстрая и чёткая покупка.

  • Georgi T. (Tallinn, Estonia) 5/27/18  

    Quite quickly and understandably, and most importantly - positive result.I will set an example for my colleagues.

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  • Paini L. (Lakeport, United States) 5/20/18  

    Beautiful leather purse! I’m very pleased and definitely will purchase more from your company. I will tell my friends and family too!

  • Регина Г. (Казань, Russian Federation) 5/18/18  

    Excellent quality

  • Mikhail C. (London, United Kingdom) 5/15/18  

    All good

  • Давид К. (Москва, Russian Federation) 5/15/18  

    I was surprised by superfast delivery, earlier than expected by at least three days. Great quality overall, nice coupons for sale and affordable prices. Definitely will recommend this shop to friends! Thank you :)

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    Thanks for your work! I liked it all very much! I'm glad to cooperate with your company! quality goods, I received it very quickly!

  • Anastasiya S. (Москва, Russian Federation) 3/12/18  


  • Maria G. (Moscow Region, Saburovo Village , Russian Federation) 2/28/18  

    Все на очень высоком уровне. Доставили быстро, качество ожидаемо высокое! Непременно вернусь за сумкой на колёсах!

  • Sergey L. (Penza, Russian Federation) 2/24/18  

    Отличная вещь!

  • Sheherazan M. (Sint Pieters Leeuw, Belgium) 2/21/18  

    Great service! Great products!

  • Ekaterina B. (Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation) 2/13/18  


  • Tatiana Y. (Lappeenranta, Finland) 2/4/18  

    Everything was easy and comfortable. Delivery was standard.